Review Policies

I’m more than happy to receive ARC’s or manuscripts for books and to review them on either my blog or by email to the author or publisher, or to perform other activities (giveaways, shoutouts and promotions, editing). The following must be done for me to accept manuscripts:

Send to as a PDF or Epub
In the email, the following must be contained: name, image of front cover (if wanting a review on my website), synopsis of story, type of genre and contact information.

It is also to be noted that I am interested in mostly the YA (young adult) genre so your application on your ARC could be declined because I’m not interested in the genre.
If the ARC is of another in the series, I require the other books for me to understand the novel.
I am able to edit the manuscript but only by highlighting and leaving comments on the document—I wouldn’t be changing anything just informing you of what I think might need to be changed. It’s purely your decision. In your email, I will inform you of how long I would be editing the manuscript.

Please note that I can also decline manuscripts because I am currently busy but if you are still interested in me looking at your work, I would give you an estimate of when you should submit your manuscript once again.

I am interested in the following genres:

  • Dystopian
  • Young Adult Contemporary
  • Fantasy
  • Young Adult Romance

+ more and I’ll detail them to you if you wish to send me an email.

If you wish for me to review your ARC or manuscript on my website, I will be reviewing it by:

  • rating it out of 5
  • talking about plot, characters, writing and world-building
  • anything else that attracts or repels to me
  • personal requests if you wish such as retail price, publisher information

In all my reviews I leave a small space for the reader to know who the author is and what they do. Please, if you want a review, in the email you’re sending me, write a short sentence about the author in third person for me to attach in my review.


Most book photos are not mine and are taken from author’s websites. If there are circumstances where the photo is mine, it is stated with the watermark: The Book Type Gal. If you wish to know more information, please email me.


All synopsis that are not mine are always taken from Goodreads and are put into italics. As of 1st April 2016, I will be linking the synopsis on my blog for you to visit the Goodreads website by pressing the word: summary.

You can fill out the contact form below if you have any queries.