Music Monday 01/10/2018

of course, the way that i break my hiatus is by telling you what music i have been listening to during this time of hibernation. i hope you enjoy! (and tune in for the next blog post – i’ll explain my absences.)

I Don’t Lack Imagination // EˆST • this song is definitely blasted when i’m angry. and it’s the best way to get your emotions out with a catchy beat and melody. EˆST is definitely one to watch.

i don’t lack imagination to my own goddamn frustration …

Go Fuck Yourself // Two Feet • i heard this song in ‘Atypical’ (gah i love that show!!) and holy smokes!! that beat drop gets me every time. it’s a sultry piece of music!

play these little games …

Chicago // sufjan stevens • let’s be honest here: sufjan stevens is an angel that has been sent to grace us with his beautiful music. this song is one of his older ones (and quite a different one from others on his ‘carrie and lowell’ album!). i definitely recommend checking out this album. the amazing song titles are just the beginning!

i’ve made a lot of mistakes …

Soul Lay Open // Terence Ryan • ooft that chorus is the most catchy chorus that i have heard this week. i can’t get it out of my head!

threw pennies in the whole time I was growing up …

whisper // serpentwithfeet • i found this artist just a couple of days ago and i fell in love. his unique voice paired with orchestral music makes the most interesting sound. it’s even better if you use headphones. ‘whisper’ itself is a brooding song which creeps upon you from its inception.

I Feel Like I’m Drowning // Two Feet • you can definitely find the on-brand guitar riffs and beat drops in this song. yes, it’s two songs from the same band in the same post. but, damn. their songs are so sultry and enchanting.

you’re a poison and i know that is the truth …

invoice // serpentwithfeet • yep-a-doodle-dee! another song from this artist. ‘invoice’ begins with josiah wise’s classic vibrato voice and comes together with an amazing beat drop. please listen to this one.

whatever makes you cold …

Big God // Florence + The Machine • okay, any song with florence welsh is going be the best. ooft, i can’t get over the beat and the haunting guitar playing in the background below florence’s unique voice.

jesus christ it hurts …

Me and The Devil // Soap&Skin • if you’re not listening carefully, you would confuse this song with something from florence + the machine. anja plaschg creates a dark, soul-stirring sound in this song. the string instruments with their incessant playing of the same notes echoes throughout the song.

hello satan, i believe that it’s time to go. me and the devil, walking side by side …

what have you been up to while i was away?



Music Monday 07/05/2018

hello! in the time that i’ve been away, my music list has become quite large, so i hope this is not too much of a drag! also, please tune in until the end of the blog post because i need your opinion on something!!

Breezeblocks // alt-J • did you know that i am obsessed with alt-J? no? well, welcome. their songs are so eclectic but i love it and Breezeblocks is one of my favourites by them that i recently discovered!

She may contain the urge to run away, but hold her down with soggy clothes and breezeblocks …


Even if it takes all night or a hundred years …

Words // Gregory Alan Isakov • beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. this song reminds me of summer nights, lying in the grass and watching the twinkling stars. i love!!!

Words mean more at night, like a song …

Blinded // Emmit Fenn • the beat, the words, the voice … everything! this song is so satisfying!!

‘Cause I feel blinded, blinded by you …

Love Is Madness // Thirty Seconds to Mars, Halsey • look, i really only like this song because of Halsey, but it has some pretty rad tunes (also, apparently i have been living under a rock because i didn’t know Jared Leto was in a band??)

You are crazy, a perfect liar …

Hide & Seek // Amber Run • yes, this is a cover. yes, you’ve most definitely heard the part where it goes ‘mmm watcha say …’ but the point is that AMBER RUN HAS SUCH AMAZING VOCALS AND HARMONIES AND I CAN’T GET OVER THEM.

Hide and seek, trains and sewing machines …


Sunflowers still grow at night …

Best Friend // Rex Orange County • okay, i kinda relate to this song so that is why i really like it, but like i said before THIS IS REX ORANGE COUNTY SO YOU BET IT’S GOING TO BE GOOD.

I still wanna be your favourite boy …

Corduroy Dreams // Rex Orange County • surprise, surprise … it’s him again.

Let’s dream in corduroy …

In The Middle // dodie • precious, precious dodie. what a smol wholesome bean! i love her so much and THIS SONG. despite it’s very interesting meaning, it’s so boppy!

Wanna help my world collide? 

The Other Side of Paradise // Glass Animals • i loooooove Glass Animals and recently got into this song! i can’t tell you what i specifically like about this song, i guess i like it all!

Bye bye baby blue, I wish you could see the wicked truth …

I Love You So // The Walters • i found this gem on YouTube and i love it. i feel like it’s a mixture between alt-J, Rex Orange County and Amber Run? give it a listen!

I love you so, please let me go …

good job! you managed to get through it all!

so, i have an idea! 

i would like to do a series on my blog where i answer your questions about anything! books, life, friends, school … i’m open to all. but i’m wondering if you would be interested in it? please give your feedback in the form below!! the questions would be totally anonymous, but i think it would help with building a stronger relationship with you, my readers! and it would help others with similar problems!

also, so we can kick this series off soon (if you want it) please email all questions at:

Cake and Balloons.

wowie. firstly, a big big apology to not sticking to my schedule. i am on a two-week break from school which was much needed because school was … hectic in all aspects: friends, homework, grades, feelings. gah! i’m just a confused puddle right now, but at the same time i can’t wait to go back to school?? like i said … confused.

buuuuuut that’s boring!! i decided to end my hiatus by announcing that today i turned the ripe, old age of 16.

leading up to my birthday, i had a bit of an existential crisis. i finish high school in a year and i still haven’t really figured out what i want to do and i haven’t experienced the cliché experiences that you’re supposed to have as a teenager. i felt my time ticking and really did not want to look back on my time as a teenager thinking that i could have done more.

then the clock ticked over to 2018. i made a post a while back about how happy i’m feeling that i have made new friends and that life is going pretty swell. well, that feeling of elation continues. and with this feeling i’ve come to realise that my experience so far as a teenager has been quite awesome.

so there were the tumultuous episodes with my family that are sure to continue into the future and i’ve been questioning so many things on my road to independence and self-discovery that have put me in a deep pit of anxiety, sadness and frustration.

however, these past three months have made a huge impact on my life and i am forever grateful that i was able to experience it.

a week ago, my friends surprised me at school for my birthday with presents and food and we sat around in the courtyard joking around and i looked around and realised that i was incredibly lucky to have finally met such caring, amazing people.

throughout the constant buzz of life, i never really comprehended how much these people mean to me. and even though they don’t read this, i want to let them know how much i looooooove them!! i can’t tell what the future will be like for us, but right now, it’s pretty amazing having them around.

this period has also been marked as a time of soul-searching and really understanding who i am. frankly, i still haven’t figured it out and i am sure it will take me some more time. but to the person who forced me to go on this journey, thank you. the person (though you will never know who it is) doesn’t know how much they have impacted me. to them, i am a friend of a friend. to me, they are a possibility that i never considered. and though there are many obstacles in my path, they still have made school a place of excitement and fun. i hope that the year sees us becoming not just acquaintances, but friends!

the irony is that for the roller-coaster ride that was these three months, my birthday was spent watching Netflix, sleeping and eating. then i blasted music and danced around my room, reflecting on my experience so far. as the day began coming to a close, my family surprised me with blackberry cheesecake, a big bag of chips and a card (with an added bonus of some money, cha-ching!)

so today i begin the journey of sixteen. and though i know this journey will be difficult and painful, i hope that at the end i find happiness and love and laughter.


Music Monday 05/03/2018

long time, no see! i am extremely sorry for not sticking to my blogging schedule, but i will try to get back on it eventually! anyway, here is the music i have been loving lately!!

Lemon Boy // Cavetown • HOLY MOLY, THIS SONG IS AMAZING! okay, the original is so so so so so good, but there is a cover by my favourite person ever!! PLEASE GIVE IT A LISTEN ~ chloe moriondo 

What if lemon boy won’t grown no longer, what if the beaches dry of sugarcane …

Every Other Freckle // alt-J • I LOVE ALT-J!! i used to like their music, then i fell out of it, but i’m back and i really, really missed it!! i forgot how amazing this song is!

I’m gonna paw, paw at you, like a cat paws at my woollen jumper …


The first time that you touched me, oh, will wonders ever cease?

I Love You (Acoustic) // Woodkid • this is such a beautiful song when it is acoustic. don’t get me wrong, the original is a-mazing (it’s in Divergent) but this is so slow and you can really hear the voice.

Whatever I feel for you, you only seem to care about you …

i’m sorry that this is a short list this week – i could have added more, but i wanted to be really authentic about the songs!


Music Monday 12/02/2018

hello!! here is the music lineup for this week!! i hope you enjoy the selection, please tell me what you think! x

Veins (Acoustic) // Fyfe • the beginning of the song just makes me feel so satisfied. oh my!!

You can cure this pain, slipping through my veins …

XO // Eden Project • i can’t figure out why i like this song, but it’s just catchy!

‘Cause “we’re in love but just don’t know it yet” …

Wouldn’t Mean A Thing // Bruno Major • this is such a beautiful song, but it’s still really alternative which makes me happy 🙂

I could find the buried treasure of ancient kings, but it wouldn’t mean a thing without you …

I Watched You Slip // Panama • this song came up as part of an ad and it seemed relatively good, so i ended up saving it. it’s not too bad!!

I watched you slip right through my hands …

So Lonely // Jorja Smith • her voice is so beautiful and this song is so deep. i’m sinking in the depth of this song!!

Feelin’ out of touch, lost my way …

Boy // Anne-Marie • i love this song!! it’s funny and boppy!! i love her so much and this song is amazing.

Are you into me boy? Or are you into someone else? Like maybe that boy …

what song are you obsessed with at the moment?

A Look Back Into My Past Week + Where I Am At


i am extremely sorry that i didn’t post yesterday and stick to my schedule! i have many reasons for it, but the main reason is school. it’s only been a week and i have been swamped by work that i am trying really hard to do the best in! so i’m sorry if i haven’t been posting as usual and if it continues that way!

so, i thought today would be another sit-down post where i just tell you a little bit about me!

current mood: the happiest i have ever been. 

it’s incredible! i am excited to go to school and i am making more and more friends, people who i have always wanted to talk to. last year was a tough year for me and i came home many days often crying and upset because my friendship had taken a turn for the worse and unfortunately i was often alone at lunch. but by the end of the year, i had made some amazing friends who i can see myself with for a very long time.

also, i am finally myself. i have always had this part of me that seemed hidden and being around these people finally allowed myself to be who i am and who i have always wanted to be comfortably. we are a group where we are focused on our studies, but we also recognise that having fun with friends is always the best! most days i hang out with my friends after school with enough time to come home and do schoolwork. we are non-judgemental and recognise each other’s differences. i love them all!!!

on the topic of meeting new people, today i became friends with someone who i had known through a friend, but we never actually talked. i realised how great she was! i’m hoping to meet many new people this year.

also, my classes this year are the best! my teachers are also amazing, but i often don’t mind going to class these days. i have many inside jokes with friends and myself that make the experience all the better and i am focusing much better on my studies.

i’m hoping 2018 is going to be my year!

how has your week been so far?

Music Monday 05/02/2018

hey, hey, hey! how have you been so far? i can’t believe a month has already gone by of 2018. far out!! 2019 will be right around the corner in no time at all. anywho, here is my music fix for this week!!

Open Water // The Citrus Clouds, Old Tribe • aaahh! this song just makes me feel so happy!!! happy aeva is the best aeva!

If you leave me out there, in the depths of my despair …

Staples // Jake Howden • his voice is so beautiful. i love his type of voice, so when i heard this song, i was instantly sold.

And you say, does it matter where we go from here …

Poison // Felicity • i’ve had this song for quite a while, but upon listening to it again, i realised how good it is!! her voice is a-mazing!

You’re like poison …

Paris in the Rain // Lauv • i love Lauv, there is no doubt! this song is so catchy (in a good way!!)

Anywhere with you feels like Paris in the rain …

Deliverance // RY X • i discovered this song after watching The 100 last year, but only really started appreciating it until now!! what a mistake! it’s so gooooooood!

I’ve been awake for deliverance …

bellyache // Billie Eilish • i listened to Ocean Eyes quite a while ago, but when i found out her age, i began to question my life choices considering she is the same age as me and has achieved so much. but she makes great content and THIS SONG IS MY FAVOURITE!!! i honestly just get up and dance around my room when i listen to this song. it’s dark and callous and wonderful.

Maybe it’s in the gutter, where I left my lover …

what music are you currently listening to?

i hope you enjoyed this week music!