Mash-up Tuesday 23. 06. 2015

Hey guys!

It’s the first mash-up Tuesday! What!? I’ll just put up some very Tumblr photos for today!
I know, I can’t believe that I didn’t do Music Monday TWO weeks in a row! And I had such good songs for those weeks!
It’s the last week of school, so it’s getting a bit hectic sorting out everything AKA swapping and borrowing books! But to be serious, my mind has been all over the place currently and I just need to take a long break to get back on my feet! Don’t worry, though, only six months and one hundred and eighty six days until Christmas. Excited yet?

The theme for Mash-up Tuesday today is like I said, Tumblr. Some grunge themed and wonderfully edited photos in store!

collage mt

Sorry that it’s kind of blurry! These are just mash-ups from the internet taken from Tumblr.

I finished Day 21 today so I’ll leave a book review one of these days!
Stay crazy! xx