Music Monday 12/02/2018

hello!! here is the music lineup for this week!! i hope you enjoy the selection, please tell me what you think! x

Veins (Acoustic) // Fyfe • the beginning of the song just makes me feel so satisfied. oh my!!

You can cure this pain, slipping through my veins …

XO // Eden Project • i can’t figure out why i like this song, but it’s just catchy!

‘Cause “we’re in love but just don’t know it yet” …

Wouldn’t Mean A Thing // Bruno Major • this is such a beautiful song, but it’s still really alternative which makes me happy 🙂

I could find the buried treasure of ancient kings, but it wouldn’t mean a thing without you …

I Watched You Slip // Panama • this song came up as part of an ad and it seemed relatively good, so i ended up saving it. it’s not too bad!!

I watched you slip right through my hands …

So Lonely // Jorja Smith • her voice is so beautiful and this song is so deep. i’m sinking in the depth of this song!!

Feelin’ out of touch, lost my way …

Boy // Anne-Marie • i love this song!! it’s funny and boppy!! i love her so much and this song is amazing.

Are you into me boy? Or are you into someone else? Like maybe that boy …

what song are you obsessed with at the moment?


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